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Re: gimp, gnome, libgtk-perl, etc, etc

LaMont Jones <lamont@hp.com> writes:

> You wrote:
> > Second, could someone with an hppa box look into pdl (bug 104630)? It's
> > holding up gimp, which is holding up the new gs, which is holding up
> > libgnome-print-perl, which is holding up libgtk-perl, which is holding
> > up gtkglarea and a whole bunch of random other stuff. [The mips upload of
> > gs, if it's done will break the chain at gs, but pdl still needs fixing]
> We have two choices with pdl (and _many_ others - c++ tends to trigger the
> bug in the linker):
> 1) upload with a workaround (-ffunction-sections or more)
> 2) wait for the next binutils upload, which should "just fix it".

FWIW, the new binutils doesn't.  Someone might want to fix this using
option number (1)...


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