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Re: 3.0.13 boot floppies for testing?

On Sat, Sep 08, 2001 at 04:22:50PM -0400, Matthew A. Zahorik wrote:
> Can someone compile and post a 3.0.13 based bootfloppy set (+ tftp lif
> image) so I can install woody from scratch on a PA-RISC machine?

Sorry for the delay, I've just uploaded 3.0.13 b-f to
just grab bf-images_3.0.13_hppa.tar.gz from there.

Beware, the 'make system bootable from disk' phase will fail, because
of incompatibilities between kernel image name and what palo expects.
That will all be sorted out for the next upload.

Once that has failed, scroll down to 'execute a shell'.  In the shell do
'chroot /target', then edit /etc/palo.conf (with vi), and change the two
places where it says 'vmlinux-2.4.0' to say 'vmlinux-2.4.0-32'.  Exit
the edit, run 'palo', exit the chroot, exit the shell, and select
'reboot system'.

This installs a 2.4.0 kernel, so keyboards, serial ports, etc. should


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