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Re: hppa on a 742


thanks that one helps, except it leaves one question:

./palo/palo -f /dev/null  -b iplboot -k /home/cvs/parisc/linux/vmlinux \
 -c "0/vmlinux HOME=/ TERM=linux root=/dev/sda3 ip=bootp " \
        -s lifimage

What would be the entry to make the system boot diskless?


is what I got from the palo documantation, let alone that gets me a
screming kernel not finding a root filesystem.

the root=/dev/nfs complains about nfs not being a valid device file.

any ideas?

the x86 linux box nfs server config is ok, I can boot the hppa box from a
disk filesystem and mount the desired diskless root file system.

The main reason why I want to boot the box diskless is that the kernel
has trouble with the scsi interface on the 742, it only runs stable to the
it wants to do the first scsi reset, then it crashes, which is painful,
I need to attach the disk to my 715 to check the filesystem again.
A filesystem check with an unclean disk on the 742 is not possible,
because of that scsi reset bug.



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