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openh323 programs on hppa and paer going down

First of all thanks to the debian hppa admins that have been so responsive
when I asked for anything on paer.  I have to say sorry to them also, as I
have confirmed with taggart now, that I'm responsible for the last two
crashes (three now) of paer. On the first one I just suspected it, and I
tried to break it doing the same again, but didn't work, but now it has
happened again, and we tested it and the machine crashed again.

Ok, I'm trying to make openh323 programs work on hppa and I nearly got them
to run, but they crash, sometimes on one point, sometimes on other, I was
thinking if this could be due to the fact that pwlib (the library that goes
underneed openh323) uses signals and we have that signal bug that was
affecting zsh (#100336). Could this be causing the weird behaviour on the
openh323 programs? Can anyone test this using simph323_1.5.6-2 from
openh323_1.5.6-2 with pwlib_1.1.34-2 that have been installed just now?

As a result of all this testing I have come across something that crashes
hppa, at least paer, the thing is that as simph323, the example that comes
with openh323 was crashing I tried to strace it, so I installed the libs for
it (libpt1 and liboh323v1) locally on /home/manty/p and then run:

manty@paer:~/p$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/manty/p/usr/lib strace -ff -o salida
usr/bin/simph323 -n -l -s loopback

This makes the machine crash, I'm almost sure that this case works everytime
at least on paer, I think that a normal strace (without -ff) doesn't break
it but that an strace -f will break it as well.

Well, I don't have any other hppa machines arround, so I have not tested
this on any other machine, if someone could do more extensive tests on this
and find what is going on it would be great.

Taggart has given me the stack dump at paer, wich I'm attaching to this
mail, it was produced when running the strace -ff that I have put up there,
in case someone wants to look at it. Paer runs 2.4.0-pa43-parisc64 with
libc6 2.2.3-9.

If you need any more info don't hesitate to ask.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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