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Re: Antivirus for debian-hppa

* Grant Grundler (grundler@puffin.external.hp.com) [010729 14:09]:

> Sorry - I meant *debian* linux. Not any linux dist.
> Two things:
> o The app is installed in a secure way (ie root can only login on console)
>   and historically "insecure apps" like rlogin/telnet are not delivered
>   or enabled by default.
> o The debian community (as I see know it from the past year) is pretty
>   paranoid about security and this is open source - they review the code
>   fix the security bugs (eg postfix MTA).
> It's certainly possible to install/use debian linux in an insecure way.
> My assertion was that's not the default.
> That bettter?

Makes much more sense.  I'm semi-new to Linux (at least in terms of having a
server running it long-term; I've had to admin Linux systems in various ways
for years.) From your description it sounds like Debian's goals are similar
to OpenBSD, where security takes precedence over feature set or architecture



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