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Re: Antivirus for debian-hppa

* Grant Grundler (grundler@puffin.external.hp.com) [010726 13:21]:

> As a debian novice, I get the feeling that debian doesn't need an
> anti-virus package: apps are by default secure.

It doesn't matter what OS you run: that statement is just going to get you a
mouthful of shoe leather.

I think what you might be trying to say (and what I agree with) is that by
default *nix applications aren't susceptible to the same sort of viruses
that Windows users are.

There is a demonstrated need for AV software on *NIX though; that's when you
are using a *nix server as a mail server for Windows clients.  First you
have to accept that most desktop users have proven themselves completely
incapable of protecting their computers from their own "let's open every
freakin attachment someone sends me" reflex.

To protect yourself from having to fix the desktops of said users, you can
have your mail server open up every attachment, scan them for DOS or Windows
based viruses, and if they pass, let them get into the user's mailbox.  If
not, you send them a virtual LART (like say using B.O. to play old "Tiffany"
singles through their speakers at random intervals).


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