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hppa in woody

This message is intended to meet the expectations set forth by Anthony Towns
in email dated 1 July 2001, specifically the paragraph:

      Deadline: someone from each architecture that wants to release
      needs to mail -release with their current status, and a successful
      install report by July 24th.

I believe that the hppa architecture can and should be included when we 
release woody.  In support of this assertion, I offer the following:

  - Our toolchain has stabilized.  I believe hppa is the only Debian 
    architecture that uses gcc-3.0 exclusively.

  - The system is usable today, and systems are reasonably stable.  An X 
    server using kernel frame buffer support has been demonstrated.

  - Approximately 70% of the relevant packages in Debian are up to date
    in the unstable archive, and several people are attempting to resolve 
    the buildability issues in the remaining packages.  Many of the fixes
    needed are the same fixes needed to build on the ia64 architecture, so
    build progress on the two architectures tracks fairly closely.

  - We are happily installing Debian on new systems using release boot-floppies
    code.  A few minor improvements for users of HIL keyboards is in CVS.  
    The current version of our install media is "0.9.2" and may be found at 
    www.parisc-linux.org.  An upload of boot-floppies packages for hppa to 
    the Debian archive will happen in the next few days.

If there are any further questions, I will be happy to answer them.


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