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Re: HP-735 "Bad LIF magic" on rboot

Hi Timothy,

After you have run "make palo" use the "lifimage"-file from the 
palo directory to netboot. I assume you used the "vmlinux" file....

For more information look at http://parisc-linux.org and search 
the mailing list archives there.


On Monday 02 July 2001 17:00, Timothy Ball wrote:
> I have a HP-735 I got from work I've been trying to install debian on it
> (first had to get a keyboard and got ripped off on ebay... but that's a
> different story). When I try to network boot the latest built kernel
> >from parisc-linux I get the error:
> "Bad LIF magic"
> and it sends me back to the boot menu...
> What can I do about this? I've tried google and google only returned
> vague results nothing along the lines of "Do this and it'll fix it".
> TIA,
> --timball

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