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Re: NIC problem


I hope your question is better answered in the existing
documentation under www.debian.org or man ifconfig.
And the debian-hppa list (cc'd) is an excellent resource too! :^)

Here's an "offhand" answer:

mike wrote:
> I have a question about setting up the eth0, under pa-risc linux.
> Because when i do ifconfig i dont see the eth0 (ether interface),
> so do i have to recompile my kernel to support it?

The kernel support has to be compiled in.
For *most* parisc machines though, I expect the "default"
or standard kernels to find eth0. So I don't think this
is the problem.

AFAIK, ifconfig only reports interfaces that are already configured.
So try "pump eth0" and then ifconfig again or manually "ifconfig eth0"
with the necessary parameters.


> 	-Michael Vanacore

Grant Grundler
parisc-linux {PCI|IOMMU|SMP} hacker

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