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Re: [parisc-linux] Version 0.9 of PA-RISC Linux Released

= A couple of questions arose:
= - what's the 142MB "gg" file dated "01-Jun-2001 10:23"?  I mean, I know
=   who gg is (hi grant) but as this file is of around the same vintage as
=   all the 0.9 compressed ISOs I thought I'd see if it was related

It was a temporary file I used while correcting the STI ISO.

= - are all the 0.9 ISOs identical except for which kernel is booted by
=   default?  eg does the 0.9-32bit-STI CD image also contain the kernels
=   for the 32bit-serial and 64bit-serial installs?

Yes.  the palinux-0.9-README (also in the ISOs) gives a clue how to use
the CD for other purposes.  There is a README in the cd-images directory
which tells how to turn one bootable image into another bootable image
by downloading only 512 bytes.

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