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the katie run just installed a few non-US packages (the ones i thought
were most useful & had time to build).  gpg, ssh, ssl, crypt-ssleay,
fetchmail-ssl, libapache-mod-ssl, lynx-ssl, pgpgpg, ssh-askpass and
unzip are included.  I'm going to set postgres building now, but if
there's anything else you want particularly, please suggest it today --
I'm going back to the US on wednesday.

we have some failures:

apache-ssl fails due to an unaligned access, as does postfix-tls.
krb5 needs an updated config.{guess,sub}, as does beecrypt
ammonite needs liboaf-dev which isn't compiled yet.
mailcrypt won't build for anyone but the maintainer, bug filed.
arla seems to depend on 2.0.36

you can research the problems with these packages, you just can't submit
patches if you're in the US.

Revolutions do not require corporate support.

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