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Auction - K200 + tape drive (Wisconsin USA)

A nice chap passed this on to me, but unfortunately the server is in
Wisconsin and I'm on the other side of the planet.  And I'll get in
trouble if I buy it.  ;)

HP9000 K200 SMP server, 2 x 100MHz CPUs, 768MB RAM, unknown disk
(presumably a couple of "small" internal SCSI drives).  Comes with
Philips Tape Drive (don't know what this thing is, DDS3 perhaps?).  The
photo features an HP rack but there's no mention of that  being included
with the server (unfortunately).


Current bid is US$150 (state tax of 5.5% will go on top), auction closes
May 22nd 2001, and I hope some kind hppa-linux hacker can give this old
box a home.  =)  


P.S.  It'd probably make a great hppa autobuilder box for Debian?

Andrew Shugg <andrew@neep.com.au>                   http://www.neep.com.au/

"Just remember, Mr Fawlty, there's always someone worse off than yourself."
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