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do we release with woody?

We are rapidly approaching "do we try to release with woody" decision time.


> aj@azure.humbug.org.au (Anthony Towns) writes:
> > Anyway, with a successful woody install under our belt now, I expect
> > to be announcing the start of the freeze in the next week or two.

> Did we ever get explicit about what our decision criteria for including or
> not including ia64 and/or hppa would be?

Not really. Working boot-floppies, functioning autobuilder, stable kernel
and libraries, and most of standard and optional build. If the porters
think it's ready, you can do installs, and it won't screw with testing's
mind too much I'm all for it...

If/when you think either're ready, pester me and I'll make up some more
specifics, if you like.


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