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Re: g++ 3.0 patch for apt (partial)

On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Randolph Chung wrote:

> Here's a partial g++ 3.0 patch for apt. it's slightly dated, but gives
> an idea about the things that need fixing. Please review and comment;
> some of the changes are less than optimal. there might also be some
> random obvious hackery that need to be cleaned up, the goal here was
> simply to get something that will compile.


Some of the stringy stuff should probably stop using the char* ranges and
use just strings, conversion overhead be damned. (Like the Hex2Num

All the using stuff and include stuff is clearly necessary.. The addition
of vector<*>::iterators is also great, as is the string::iterator stuff. 

I'm confused about the changes to pkgcachgen.cc, the pkgIndexFile vector
iterator should be used throughout the entire pkgIndexFile list interface,
but it is not.

We talked about the policy.cc thing, that looks like it still needs a

ios::nocreate.. hmmm.. Presumably ios::in implies that, but that has to be
confirmed, both for GCC 3 and GCC 2.95

Is adding 'using [..]' acceptable practice for a header file?  Should all
of those be moved within the class scopes? My C++ books are all so dated
that they only have descriptions of pre-ISO namespaces.. 

Wot is this:

-       sed -e "1s/.*:/$(subst /,\\/,$@):/" $(basename $(@F)).d > $(DEP)/$(@F).d
+       sed -e "1s/.*:/$(subst /,\\/,$@):/" $(DEP)/$(basename $(@F)).d > $(DEP)/$(@F).d

How can that be correct? Did GCC3 do something horrid to the -MD flag?

+ostream c0out(0);
+ostream c1out(0);
+ostream c2out(0);

I wonder if that makes it segfault.

I need to cut this up into smaller pieces, and have a gcc 3 place to test
on.. Did taggart ever get gluck setup?


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