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Re: m68k buildd presents significant problem for non-us and testing

Sam Hartman writes:
 > Looking at incoming/DONE on pandora, it looks as if m68k buildd has
 > not built packages for non-us since January 10.  This means that
 > packages uploaded since January 10 with m68k support have not made it
 > into testing.  I'm not really sure that buildd for m68k even builds
 > non-us.  I believe it does, because it looks like krb5-1.2.1-8 (one of
 > my packages) was built by the standard buildd.

Other architectures have backlogs too:

alpha:	Feb 15	ok
arm:	Nov 20
m68k:	Jan 10
mips:	Feb 15	ok
powerpc:Feb 14	ok
sparc:	Jan 29

This holds a lot of nonus stuff from going into testing.


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