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Re: [parisc-linux] A500 status update

>>>>> "Grant" == Grant Grundler <grundler@cup.hp.com> writes:

Grant> o dd to
Grant> raw disk isn't working right. "No space left on device".  See
Grant> the output below.

Likely cause would be that the structs for stat don't match between
the kernel and glibc. I still think the best approach would be to go
for a clean 64 bit userland from the beginning as we have on the Alpha
and ia64 and provide backwards compat support afterwards. I don't like
to see the hppa64 port end up in the same situation as sparc64 where
almost nothing gets done for years because there is already a 32 bit

Anyway it looks to me like someone needs to sit down and decide on a
strategy for this and review all the data structures accordingly.

Grant> o don't see Acenic driver output. I've got
Grant> CONFIG_ACENIC=y and the device is definitely seen by PCI.

Bug in the driver, compile it as a loadable module and it will work
... or grab http://home.cern.ch/~jes/gige/acenic-0.49-test2.tar.gz


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