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Re: Can't boot to RAID from SRM..

     actually I have install RedHat 7.0 on my AlphaServer 1000 with Mylex
RAID controller.  NONE of the distribution can install successfully today.
I have already tried Mandrake, Suse, Debian.  So, RH7 is the only one I can
successfully install on that box.  However, the box didn't boot after the
installation.  I try "boot dra0" from SRM prompt but it said "block 0 of
dra. is not a valid boot block".
     Since the RH7.0 CD can find the RAID drive ( again, all other
distribution like mandrake, suse, debian can't even see the RAID drive!!!),
I am thinking about create a boot disk to boot the system.  However, I
don't know how to create that image from the installation CD, can anyone


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bhkwan@ThoughtWorks.com wrote:
> I have installed the system on my Mylex Raid controller.

You installed this in a parisc box? Which one?
Or did you land on the wrong mailing list? :^)

>  After the
> installation is done, I can't boot to it..
> it said block 0 of dra. is not a valid boot block.

More output would be needed in general but in this case I know
you are hosed. There is no IODC for Mylex - ergo can't boot from it.

I *think* you can have your root file system on it and boot from
a built-in SCSI/LAN device. RAID support may need to be built-into
the kernel (ie not a module since it can't be loaded until root fs
is present). Read PALO docs for help on finding a boot disk and
partitioning it.


Grant Grundler
Unix Systems Enablement Lab

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