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Re: Hi.

Miro Voutilainen said:
> Now a few days ago i got offered a HP machine.
> A HP 720/60, but i dont know really what that means.
> Now i wonder if it's possible to run Debian on this machine?
> Is debian for parisc stable yet or is it WAY unstable?

You can find out about the 720/60 at the main HPPA/Linux port website.
Visit "http://www.thepuffingroup.com/parisc/"; and have a look in the
Hardware Database for your system.

The Debian GNU/Linux port to HPPA is not yet stable.  It's a lot closer
than it was a few months ago, though.  =)

If you want to participate in testing the kernel and userland (Debian
system packages seems to be the only userland stuff, which is fine by me)
your 720 system should work.  Check out the above website, and look for
recent kernel builds, nfsroot tarballs etc on ftp://puffin.external.hp.com
as well.  Joining the parisc-linux mailing list via the above website is
useful for keeping track of development.

OTOH if you're looking to just download a base system, install it and
start running KDE to do your word processing, Debian/HPPA isn't ready
for you yet.  =)


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