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more debs

I've built a few more debs. They are at

The ones I have now are:
base-passwd, cvs, debconf, debconf-utils, debianutils, tasksel,
zlib-bin, zlib1g-dev and zlib1g

Note that the debconf here is a slightly older version. The current
version uses libapt to speed things up, and we don't have libstdc++
shared-libraries to build libapt yet.

I haven't uploaded the cvs and debconf -doc packages because either.
Once we have all the correct tools (groff, texi2html, etc) I can rebuild
those. I had problems building groff (g++ ICE'd), and didn't feel like
building tetex on my gecko :)

A word about debconf -- when you install it you'll probably get some
errors about it not finding a proper frontend. Ignore the errors, and
when you are back at a shell, do something like:

DEBIAN_FRONTEND=Text dpkg-reconfigure debconf

and then choose the text frontend. Once we have something like whiptail
or libterm-stool-perl compiled we can use the more fancy frontends :-)

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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