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Re: [parisc-linux] file locking problems?

Randolph Chung <randolph@tausq.org> writes:

> update-passwd (a Debian package) makes a call to lckpwdf. That fails
> with an "Invalid argument" message. It looks like lckpwdf internally uses
> fcntl() locking, so I tried that and it too fails with an "Invalid
> argument" message.  This happens both on nfs and local ext2 fs.
> Similar tests with flock() seems to work ok.

Lots of things report this actually - if you look in your log files
you'll see lots of "utmp file is locked/read" - also in bootup
messages there will be a "can't lock <whatever>".

I have a feeling this might just be generally broken in the revision
of the kernel we're using, though it could be a problem with LFS in
our glibc if it is trying to use fcntl64().

I suspect that our LFS stuff is generally broken (lseek64() is, at
least) and plan to investigate further on Tuesday.

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