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glibc 2.1.94 CVS merge, packages on the way, ABI breakage :(


I've merged pehc CVS with glibc 2.1.94 release (no more tracking CVS
for me, too much pain).

The patch is clean enough that I'm able to just add it to the Debian
glibc 2.1.94 source package.  So I will build that overnight
(hopefully) and upload it sometime soon.

For the time being there is a tarball at

But!  Beware!  It *will* break your system.  Somehow, the versions of
a bunch of symbols in libm.so.6 reverted to GLIBC_2.0 from GLIBC_2.2
(don't ask me how this happened, math/Versions is still exactly the
same...  I think our 2.1.92 had a bug in the script that generates the
version maps) and as a result, anything that links with libm will not
work.  This includes fun things like perl, awk, some parts of
shellutils, etc. etc.

Sorry about this, but I guess we have no choice, our old libm.so was

I'm rebuilding perl, shellutils, and awk and expect to have new
packages on pehc real soon now.  (perl's version will be 5.005.03-7.2,
shellutils and awk will be similarly bumped)

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