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Re: Glibc, gcc, libdb2 and nss_db

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:

> The new gcc package build failed on Alpha during stage1 of the gpc
> build.  I can try eliminating gpc from the build for now (allowing me to
> continue to get the new glibc stuff working), if that's an
> option...

This probably doesn't have to be said, but I disabled the building of gpc
(by setting with_pascal:=no) and all built fine.  Since gpc isn't needed
to build glibc (or the other libs), I'm going ahead with the build of
glibc and such.  My upload of the newer gcc will not include gpc on Alpha
until we resolve the problem.  As Matthias knows, we've done this before
when potato was still "unstable", so it shouldn't be much of a problem as
long as we can resolve it within a week or two (I'll take the heat from
the users...that is, if I get any...didn't get any before).


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