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Re: Glibc, gcc, libdb2 and nss_db

On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> Well, here it comes. Glibc 2.1.94, hot of the glibc release process. I'm
> currently building i386, powerpc and sparc, which I will upload throughout
> the day and tonight as I build them. These are going into woody. Several
> notes for the other ports (the ones I cannot build).
> This upload consists of 4 parts (listed in the subject). The gcc NMU is
> ok'd by Matthias and comes with several patches from him. Also added by me
> is some code to make the libg++ and libstdc++ upgrades go fine with the
> new Glibc, plus a backport of the gpc to 2.95.2-13 (the last version
> that will compile on non-{i386,m68k}).

Let me know when they're all uploaded (or at least gcc) and I'll start
building for Alpha.


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