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Dependency problem between libslurm36 and slurm-wlm-basic-plugins


Since the wlm_20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1 I had failures with 
launching DRMAA jobs on my cluster. I didn't know at first because it 
happened that the latest libslurm36 had been bumped to +deb11u1 when I 
installed it.

Libslurm36 loads stuff from slurm-wlm-basic-plugins, and it fails at 
auth_munge if the two packages are not at the exact same version. Maybe 
libslurm36 should strictly depend on it, or slurm-wlm-basic-plugins 
conflict with libslurm36 ?

J.C. Haessig

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