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Re: Adoption of LMOD on Debian

On 12/01/2022 20.41, Alexandre Strube wrote:
I'm still waiting to know what to do to go ahead.

Looks like it is going to take a bit more work than I expected initially.

I've created a repository on salsa.debian.org and imported the package history there:
Please get an account on salsa s.t. we can work on that repository.

Then I've started cherry-picking your relevant commits (there is a lot of noise with commits just to trigger some CI, and there are files that should never be in a vcs, e.g. debian/files is a temporary build artefact). Next I've modernized the packaging to the current standards.

The docker folder moved to debian/ otherwise it would be considered "upstream modifications" and should rather be patched in ... Your scripts will probably need adjustments due to the changed path and fixed version numbers (${upstream_version}-${debian_revision}). Can your scripts just parse the version number etc. from the source package instead of duplicating that information? (dpkg-parsechangelog may be helpful there)

You can find my current state in branch "preview". It builds and is mostly lintian clean but I've not tested it any further. It may still be rewritten ;-)

Currently I'm trying to figure out how to run the upstream testsuite ...

I will also volunteer to take over lua-posix

If you want support for lua5.4, you'll probably have to do that ;-)

I can sponsor that as well ... but the only experience I've had with lua so far was lualatex (and definitively not for the "lua" part thereof).


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