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I too could use an updated singularity-container package. Has anyone
managed to make progress?

This is what I got after a few hours of trying.

I tried to build it but the current 3.5.2 package won't build from
source because the path in golang-github-opensuse-umoci changed from
openSUSE/umoci to opencontainers/umoci.

-	github.com/openSUSE/umoci v0.4.2
+	github.com/opencontainers/umoci v0.4.2

I tried to build 3.7.2

but that's depending on version 4 of 
golang-github-blang-semver-dev while debian has 3.5.1 (I filed Bug
#998366 Please update golang-github-blang-semver: 3.5.1-1 to new
version )

and github.com/vbauerster/mpb which we don't seem to have packaged in

I'm assuming due to the CVEs it'd be best to aim for packaging the
latest version?


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