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Bug#954272: marked as done (slurmd: SLURM not working with OpenMPI) Bug#957435: marked as done (libfabric: ftbfs with GCC-10) Bug#957468: Can this be closed? Bug#957468: marked as done (libpsm2: ftbfs with GCC-10) Bug#961406: marked as done (slurm-llnl: CVE-2020-12693) Bug#967748: marked as done (slurm-llnl: depends on deprecated GTK 2) Bug#975125: marked as done (perftest: FTBFS: src/perftest_communication.c:532:6: error: redeclaration of ‘enum ibv_gid_type’) Bug#977117: Removed package(s) from unstable Bug#977315: slurm-wlm: Vcs repository out of date Bug#977319: slurm-wlm: reproducible builds: Binaries contain embedded paths from usrmerge systems Bug#978441: singularity-container: FTBFS: cannot find package "" charliecloud is marked for autoremoval from testing charliecloud_0.21-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable opa-fm_10. ACCEPTED into unstable perftest_4.4+0.32-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Processed: Cloning bug due to rename and removal request #977117 Processing of charliecloud_0.21-1_source.changes Processing of opa-fm_10. Processing of perftest_4.4+0.32-1_source.changes Processing of slurm-wlm_20.02.6-2_amd64.changes slurm-wlm_20.02.6-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable The last update was on 20:00 GMT Mon Dec 28. There are 23 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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