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Bug#957310: Proposal to add extern qualifier on problematic lines


May I suggest to apply the enclosed patch, adding the "extern" qualifier in front of the declarations of drmaa2_list_s and drmaa2_dict_s.

gcc-10 now uses, by default, the option -fno-common, which raises a "multiple definitions" error when there are two definitions of the same variable in two different units.

With this patch, all the build step then goes fine, but there are issues in the override of dh_auto_install that have nothing to do with the above C++ problem. I hope you can understand them better than me... It seems a jar source/clients/gui-installer/dist/installer.jar is expected but absent...

All the best,
Pierre Gruet
--- a/source/libs/japi/drmaa2_list_dict.h
+++ b/source/libs/japi/drmaa2_list_dict.h
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
    struct _drmaa2_node *next;
 } _drmaa2_Node;
-/* static */ struct drmaa2_list_s
+/* static */ extern struct drmaa2_list_s
    _drmaa2_Node   *head;
    _drmaa2_Node   *tail;
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
   struct _drmaa2_dictentry_t* next;
 } _drmaa2_dictentry_t;
-/* static */ struct drmaa2_dict_s
+/* static */ extern struct drmaa2_dict_s
   _drmaa2_dictentry_t    *head;
   _drmaa2_dictentry_t    *tail;

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