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Bug#891395: marked as done (libfabric1: improperly packaged library support files)

>>>>> "M" == Mehdi Dogguy <mehdi@dogguy.org> writes:

Hi Mehdi,

    M> Control: reopen -1 Hi Roland,

    M> If I am not mistaken, your last upload moves files across binary
    M> packages but doesn't add necessary Breaks/Replaces. In the
    M> current state, upgrades are broken because older libfabric1 and
    M> newer libfabric-dev are not co-installable.

fixed, thanks for noticing quickly. Something else: Could you please
delete the patch-queue/debian/master branch of the salsa libfabric
repo. It's totally out of sync and not easily fixable. Then I can add
your latest patch to it too.



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