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Re: hpc team

[dropping Cc's except for pkg-ofed; I think we can follow-up on
debian-hpc only from now on]

على الإثنين 27 تشرين الثاني 2017 ‫16:51، كتب Mehdi Dogguy:
> I've just created a Debian HPC on alioth and added you all in the team.
> We will use alioth mainly as a git hosting service. No need to create
> mailing lists (as alioth is already deprecated and mailing lists hosted
> there are expected to vanish).

Thanks for doing this!

> For git notifications (and to avoid creating a mailing list specifically
> for this need), I've investigated the team concept in tracker.d.o. So it
> works as follows:
> I've create a "Debian HPC" team there [1]. I've added you all but everyone
> one can join. On [1], we can manage the list of packages monitored by the
> team. Then, on [2], everyone can manage its own subscriptions and enable
> the keywords one wants. If you want git notifications, you're looking for
> the keyword "vcs" after selecting it in "modify keywords".
> Once that configured, you have to enable it in each git repository and put
> the following snippet in ${source_package}.git/config (on alioth):
> [multimailhook]
>         mailinglist = dispatch+${source_package}_vcs@tracker.debian.org
>         emaildomain = users.alioth.debian.org
>         announceshortlog = true
>         automigrated = true
> Where ${source_package} is your source package name.
> As of time of writing, we still have no git dir on git.debian.org:/git/.
> I guess some cron job has to be executed at some point but still didn't.
> But the gid is already created and up-to-date:
> debian-hpc:x:111057:mehdi,bsmith-guest,afif,oliva,mckinstry,bdrung,olivag-guest
> I'll check again tomorrow to see whether our git space has been created.

The git space is there. So on a member package's next upload, we can
move the VCS to debian-hpc and update the URLs in debian/control. But
what goes in the Maintainer field of these packages now?


Afif Elghraoui | عفيف الغراوي

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