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pkg-ofed mailing list: Deprecation Announcement


As announced I've left the team and Benjamin who is taking over doesn't
want to maintain the pkg-ofed-* mailing lists, which is fair enough.

Besides, alioth, the server hosting the mailing list, is going out of service
in a few months and the future of mailing list hosted by alioth is at this
moment unknown.

And also very important, the current naming with the "ofed" string on it is
misleading ;)

So please, everybody subscribe to the debian-hpc mailing list [1] and move
all the discussion there and keep in mind that list is open to a wider
array of topics. Of course, they all are related to HPC and Debian!

The huge advantage of debian-hpc is the list is maintained by the Debian
list master team, they have active anti-spam filters in place and
people can post without subscription.

pkg-ofed-devel and pkg-ofed-commits will continue getting mails from the
BTS and from uploads for a time, but I expect a solution for this will
be created eventually with the migration of alioth because there are
a lot of teams affected.


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-hpc/

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