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Re: Bug#962973: haskell-readline: Removal notice: broken and unmaintained

It could be converted to haskeline or raw IO, but gnu readline is the
kind of library I think it makes sense to have language bindings to, and
to use the bindings.

This patch seems to fix the build problem:

--- readline-	2020-06-17 17:09:11.438264895 -0400
+++ readline-	2020-06-17 17:11:23.524724389 -0400
@@ -29,5 +29,5 @@
     build-depends:	base < 3
   include-dirs: 	include
   includes:	HsReadline.h
-  install-includes:	HsReadline.h HsReadlineConfig.h
+  install-includes:	HsReadline.h
   c-sources:	HsReadline_cbits.c

I've sent this patch to the author of the library.

see shy jo

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