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Re: haskell-tree-monad

Hey Fred,

On Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 11:54AM, PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel wrote:
> since it is not part of stack and with no modifications since 2009, I
> am wondering if we should remove it instead of doing the maintenance
> of the software.

I vote for removing it. I usually do this by first marking the package
as 'ignore' on our package-plan (to make sure that it is safe to remove
it), then open an RC bug describing why I intend to remove the package
(in case anyone needs it and wants to object) and then convert this bug
to ROM (see #945931 for an example).

Note that we will also have to remove haskell-parallel-tree-search which
build-deps on haskell-tree-monad.



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