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Bug#962715: Incompatible API versions: encoded with [1,17,5,4] but attempted to decode with [1,20]

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Quoting John MacFarlane (2020-06-12 22:11:39)
> I don't understand how this is possible: don't all the
> debian packages that depend on pandoc-types get compiled
> against the same version of pandoc-types?

Evidently not.

I was surprised as well.

Seems it is because we are in a middle of a recompilation, where this 
can happen.  I.e. it is technically possible to update a subset of 
libraries without all being recompiled - but if all machinery and checks 
works as intended such misaligned scenario is not permitted to reach a 
stable release.

For Pandoc, even if it only happens temporarily, it still reveals a 
problem of the package having an ABI towards filters that is currently 
not tracked at the Debian packaging level.

 - Jonas

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