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Re: Including Yampa

> I'd like to include Yampa in debian.


I'm only a debian-haskell newbie, but this makes me still
vaguely remember the location of some intro info.

First, you will need to be a Debian maintainer or to somehow
curry the goodwill of existing debian-haskell (busy) patrons
to be able to upload the packages.

Second, there are two repos of interest (ask for write access).

Here you will create your package (which is not the same
as uploading, the latter needs to be done by a Debian maintainer):


And here you will prove to the world, after checking locally,
that uploading the package won't cause any disaster:


The docs in both repos are relatively up to date and there
may be some other docs/tools of interest around there,
though most are outdated (and I forgot which).

Feel free to ask more questions. Generally, it's all doable,
because I'm coping fine without even being a Debian maintainer
(and without expending prohibitively many sweets to curry
the said goodwill:).

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