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Re: Bug#910480: ghc: missing Breaks+Replaces+Provides for newly bundled libraries


Am Donnerstag, den 18.10.2018, 12:56 +0300 schrieb Ilias Tsitsimpis:
> There seems to exist the debian/provided_substvars script which tries to
> add Provides+Conflicts for ghc's bundled libraries, but for some reason
> mtl is explicitly ignored. I am not sure why this (as well as other
> packages) are being ignored, so I have CC-ed Joachim who wrote that
> script.

I think these are packages that come with the GHC source (e.g. to build
other included tools), but that we do not want to provide from the ghc
package, as there is a separate stand-alone package doing that.

>  * Remove all ignored libraries except for ghc, although I believe we
>     can safely remove that too, and Provide/Conflict libghc-ghc-dev.
>     @nomeata please comment on whether this is the right approach.

If you start actually providing them with ghc, then yes. But it would
mean that you cannot upgrade them independently any more.


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