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Re: package-plan broken on stable


Am Mittwoch, den 08.08.2018, 15:36 +0000 schrieb PICCA Frederic-
> Hello, I would like to see if I can add scotty to Debian.
> but I end up with this on my stable computer
> Updated:  zeromq4-haskell is 0.6.5 in the archive but 0.7.0 exists here.
> Updated:  zip-archive is in the archive but 0.3.3 exists here.
> Updated:  zlib is in the archive but 0.6.2 exists here.
> (Re-)Creating local hackage "repository"...
> Reading 01-index.tar...
> Could not open '/home/experiences/instrumentation/picca/.cabal/packages/hackage.haskell.org/01-index.tar' for reading: No such file or directory at ./test-packages.pl line 275.
> No data could be read from file at ./test-packages.pl line 275.
> Removing package.json files...
> Can't call method "get_files" on an undefined value at ./test-packages.pl line 277.

did you run "cabal update" first?

If so, maybe you only have 00-index.tar, and you need to use a newer
version of cabal.


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