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Haskell on armel


we need a decision about what to do with Haskell on armel.

Recall that the Haskell compiler GHC has recently improved its support
for (recent forms of) ARM, and a new release (7.10.3) with that is
expected real soon. This has been sitting in experimental for far too
long, and as soon as 7.10.3 is out proper, I’d really like to upload
this to unstable and have a quick (i.e. as quick as mips can build)
migration to testing.

But in 7.10.3, upstream has (inadvertently) broken support for ARMv4,
i.e. armel. See https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/11058 for
details. It does not look as if we can rely on this getting fixed until
the release.

So it seems that the only way forward would be to drop Haskell on armel
completely from unstable, as anything else will prevent its migration
to testing. (It is not sufficient to drop it in testing, as still all
packages would be considered as out-of-date by britney.) But this is
particularly annoying as bootstrapping Haskell (should support come
back eventually) is a slightly annoying and manual task.

We do not want to revert the breaking change in Debian, as it fixes
other relevant problems with Haskell on arm (well, armhf and arm64

Are there any other approaches worth considering?


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