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Re: Continuing the transition

Hi Sven,

>I just started with way 1 and marked some packages for upload, that

>were rejected because of missing uploaders fields. Could someone please
>upload them (btw my nm process is still going or rather stalling...)?
>When these are uploaded, we should wait until they are built (check
>that they actually do build) and then we can upload to unstable (but I
>again, I don't have upload rights).

I have upload rights, but no much clue about haskell stuff.

If you need a sponsor I'll be happy to contribute, but I need a dsc/changes file
for each package, or a guide about where to find packages and how to upload
(is source only accepted for haskell?)


I can't see many changes, I fail to understand which packages are you talking about.

BTW I guess first ghc 7.10 should go on unstable, right?



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