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DebCamp results

Hi list,

Daniel, Clint, Kris and me have been happily hacking away on Haskell
stuff during the last 5 days. For those who have not closely following
on IRC, here is a small list of things done.

== LTS 3.0 ==

Daniel has updated the package plan to LTS-3.0, which is what we want
to upload to unstable together with GHC-7.10. Next step in this
direction is to update the packaging in the packages repository
accordingly, best on a branch. If you want, just here!

== Documentation ==

Kris created a nice wiki page at 
explaining steps to be done for the various steps involved in
maintaining Haskell packages in Debian. Please have a look, you might
learn something new, and keep it up to date!

== make-all ==

In order to test our packaging better, and also to make our developing
more independent of NEW and buildd processing, I create a program
(named make-all – better ideas?) that builds a bunch of packages, only
using self-built packages instead of the packages on the archive. We
can use it, for example, to stage the GHC-7.10 upload. Note that
building everything takes a few hours at least.

== pkg-haskell-tools ==

I put this program, as well as a few of the other scripts that we have
had already, into a proper package: pkg-haskell-tools. Until it is
through NEW, you can get it from
and build it as usual. It installs a "dht" binary (“Debian Haskell
Tools”), with a few subcommands:

Supported subcommands:
  make-all - Rebuilds a set of packages
  debian2dsc - generate a dsc file from a debian directory 
  tag - Tag a built pakage
  what-to-build - Find packages to be built
  what-to-upgrade - Find packages to be upgraded
  upload - Uploads, tags and pushes
  upgrade - Upgrade a package to the version in the package plan

It even has a manpage, so have a look.

The scripts are not as robust as they could be (e.g. upload should
check if a tag exists before uploading, but tagging only after the
upload worked). Daniel improved that already a bit, so feel free to
hack away on it!

Also, there are scripts in Haskell, in bash and in perl. If you feel
like implementing some of them in Haskell, or at least the bash scripts
in perl, that might improve the quality.

== cabal-debian ==

I improved cabal-debian in a few aspects: It generates the right
dependencies for the test suite, the generated copyright file is
(almost) directly usable, and there is a upgrade mode: If you run
$ cabal-debian --upgrade --official
it will update only a few fields (Depends, Homepage, VCS-*), leaving
the rest (e.g. a manually improved Description) alone. This is also
what "dht upgrade" does. But note that it still often breaks stuff,
e.g. removing dependencies on tools (alex, happy), C libraries (libglib
-dev), data packages (libghc-foo-data), virtual packages (ghc-ghci)
etc. So if you use this, do review the diff and clean up any hiccups.

The changes have reached the upstream repository, but are not yet
released on hackage or unstable. Until that has happened, you should
get https://github.com/ddssff/cabal-debian and install it directly.

== Other stuff ==

Clint updated the package plan to LTS-1.22, uploaded the corresponding
packages, and improved upon a few other packages.

Greetings, and stay tuned, especially for the BoF on monday,

Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
Debian Developer
  nomeata@debian.org | ICQ# 74513189 | GPG-Keyid: F0FBF51F
  JID: nomeata@joachim-breitner.de | http://people.debian.org/~nomeata

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