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Re: Moving the package-plan into DHG_packages


Am Freitag, den 31.07.2015, 17:24 +0200 schrieb Sven Bartscher:
> Greetings,
> Like it has been proposed during the git migration, I would like to
> move the package-plan into the DHG_packages repository.
> My motivations are:
> * The package-plan is normally (always) modified along with the package
>   files.
> * I would like to start writing a (experimental) tool that compares the
>   packages plan with the actual packages in the repository, updates
>   packages that are behind the package-plan using cabal-debian and
>   produces a list of the updated packages (so they can be tested, build
>   and uploaded).
> Any objections or other ideas?

I would defer that. The packages repo is still not yet fully used, some
people seem to be worried that the repo layout is not yet the right one
(i.e. due to non-debcheckout-compatibility). OTOH, the package-plan is
somewhat well established and running smoothly, jenkins jobs are set up

So I would suggest to first get the packages repo in a shape that we
are happy with (e.g. we are missing quite a bit of tooling) and work
with it for a while, until we are sure things stay as they are.

Also it is not true that the package-plan is updated together with the
packages. Clint recently updated quite a few packages in the package
plan, but only one package in the packages repo so far (hint hint :-)).

Your tool idea is of course great! But it does not require the two
repos to be in the same repository.

If you really want to track the package plan in the packages repo, then
a git submodule might be a good first step.


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