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Getting 7.10 into unstable


not much happening here, eh? Time to change that...

I guess we want to get 7.10 into unstable now. I see three variants:

 A Upload 7.10 to unstable now
   update packages as they break or as other updates need them
   eventually catch up with stackage nightly

 B Begin to update packages according to stackage nightly to 
   Until _all_ packages have a working version in experimental
   Then upload everything at once to unstable.

 C Create a script to build all our packages locally, from the git repo
   Upgrade the packaging of all packages to stackage nightly
   Use the script to make sure that _all_ packages build correctly.
   Upload all of them together with 7.10 to unstable in one go.

A is the least annoying for us, but breaks large parts of Haskell for a
long while.
B is annoying, because we have to deal with experimental.
C is the least intrusive for the archive, but requires better tooling
on our side.

Any suggestions? Anyone feeling like driving this process?


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