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Re: Remove git-annex on mips/mipsel?

Hi Joachim,

> as you can see on
> https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=git-annex
> git-annex does no longer buildin mips*, due to the dependency on
> persistent, which uses Template Haskell, which is not supported on
> mips.

Meh; why is it not supported? Any place I can read up on this? MIPS
boards are rather interesting to make a stupid USB drive
network-enabled so this should work in the medium term if at all

> The usual “fix” here is to remove git-annex on mips*. Do you agree?

If there is a technical reason, I can not disagree.

Thanks for letting my know!

PS: Please note that I don't speak haskell, but given the extensive
tests joeyh put into place, and that he still follows the same
workflow as before, I am confident enough to do normal grunt work.

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