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Re: proper Debian Haskell Tools


Am Dienstag, den 14.07.2015, 13:49 -0400 schrieb Dmitry Bogatov:
> > > So I belive that packaging out scripts will force us to write 
> > > them more newbie-friendly.
> > 
> > Of course newbie-friendlyness is nice, but extra work is not,
> > especially if it is forced upon us.

I think I changed my mind. It would be nice if all our special tools
would be shipped in a package, with proper documentation and
everything. Furthermore I think we could follow the lead of the Perl
Group and have all tools available under one command, creatively named
$ dht
for Debian Haskell Tools.

What tools do we need? At least we need:

* dht commit

    An analoge for debcommit, which does
     - only commit changes in the packages’ subdirectory
     - adds new files (or at least warns if there are untracked files)
     - in the commit message, prepends the package name to the change 
       extracted from the changelog

* dht tag

    An analoge to debcommit -r, which
     - ensures that there are no uncommited changes or untracked files
       in the packages’ subdirectory
     - extracts package name and version form the changelog and 
       creates an annotated (signed?) git tag of the right format

* dht upgrade

    An analogue to
    $ debchange -v new-version "New upstream release"
    which upgrades a packages to the latest upstream version. See mass
    -upgrade.pl in the current tools directory.

    $ dht upgrade --package-plan
    should get the new version number from the package plan. Or maybe
    that should even be the default.

* dht what-to-build

    Essentially the current what-to-build.pl in DHG_packages.

Something that we do not have yet, but would be nice to have:

* dht get-hackage-patch

For packages where the .cabal file has been updated on hackage without
a new upload, puts an appropriate patch into debian/patches.

* dht update-build-depends

Updates the Build-Depends using cabal-debian, while leaving the other
aspects of the packaging alone. Or maybe cabal-debian should support
that directly.


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