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Re: VCS-Git


(NB: this contains replies to all mails on this thread)

Am Mittwoch, den 15.07.2015, 22:24 +0300 schrieb Dmitry Bogatov:
> > But what should VCS-Git: point to?
> > Maybe git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-haskell/haskell
> > -devscripts.git/p/haskell-void
> > although I doubt many tools will grok that.
> I would be unhappy, if I can't git-clone whatever is in VCS-Git 
> field.

so maybe simply

This way, one at least gets the right repository, and can then see how
it works (there is a README after all).

Am Mittwoch, den 15.07.2015, 20:22 -0400 schrieb James McCoy:
On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 10:24:30PM +0300, Dmitry Bogatov wrote: 
> > I would be unhappy, if I can't git-clone whatever is in VCS-Git 
> > field.
> I'm surprised this didn't come up in the migration discussion.

I believe I mentioned that this scheme would not work out-of-the box
with standard tools like debcheckout, but nobody seemed to be worried
by it.

Am Donnerstag, den 16.07.2015, 08:44 +0200 schrieb Sven Bartscher:
> I think we could solve that problem, by still having separate git
> repositories for each package and bundling them all up into one
> through submodules.
> This would still have the advantage of having all packages together,
> but still allow to checkout a package alone.
> I don’t have much experience with submodules and as I understand it,
> they are a bit more difficult to work with.

I work with git submodules in the GHC project, and I must say that they
are indeed annoying to work with. At our scale, I strongly advise
against it.

Am Donnerstag, den 16.07.2015, 06:52 +0000 schrieb Gianfranco Costamagna:
> Unless you try git sparse checkout, a solution I proposed on the
> switch thread.
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/600079/is-there-any-way-to-clone-a-git-repositorys-sub-directory-only
> (note: I'm not proposing to use it, I'm just telling you that now the
> feature is there)

Remember that we can patch debcheckout to do this, and come up and
propose a syntax for with a VCS-Git that includes a subdirectory. But
from what I can tell, this feature will simply avoid checkout out other
files, but you still have the checkout in a "/p/haskell-void"
subdirectory instead of the current directory, which is what you

Here is a Proposal:

 * Come up with a syntax for VCS-Git that includes the subdirectory 
   name. Unfortunately, the official git url specification
   (man git-pull) does not allow for extensions, e.g. no URL 
 * Extend debcheckout to support that, and if present:
   - run origtargz in the right subdirectory¹
   - tell the user to do "cd /p/haskell-void"

Any volunteers for this?


¹ AFAIK it supports debian/-only VCS repos by running origtargz

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