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Pending removals: Some happstack, iteratee, mueval, leksah


currently, our package plan lists these packages as obsolete:

happstack 7.0.2 obsolete # needs old happstack-server
happstack-heist 7.2.4 obsolete # needs old blaze-builder
hoauth 0.3.5 obsolete
iteratee obsolete # needs old monad-control
lambdabot binary key obsolete # someone needs to patch mueval
leksah binary notest -fgtk3 -f-webkit -f-yi obsolete
leksah-server obsolete
mueval obsolete # old utf8-string, https://github.com/gwern/mueval/issues/9
rss2irc 1.0.6 binary obsolete
yesod-routes obsolete # deprecated

I’m not sure what the story about the happstack packages is; other
happstack packages were upgraded by upstream, and these here do not
even work with the latest version of happstack-server. I would rather
remove these two packages and stop wondering.

hoauth is currently patched to work, but only kept alive due to twidge,
whose maintainer has limited time:
We can try to keep that package alive for a little longer, but
eventually twidge development needs to take up speed again or it will
have to go.

iteratee looks like a not very important leaf package, I guess it can

mueval is in the process of being taken over by others. But I also
would not mind dropping it, were it not a dependency of lambdabot, but
see below.

yesod-routes is obsolete by upstream, removal bug filed.

lambdabot and rss2irc are binaries, so not relevant for the next
testing transition. Still, if these should stay in the long run, they
need some love!

The same holds for leksah-*, which got kicked out of testing. Who will
take care of these?

If these are removed (or taken care of), the recent uploads can go to
testing, and then we can look into GHC-7.10. Maybe we should remove non
-key-packages first, though, to have less work upgrading to 7.10.


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