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Re: Proposal 227 - The Debian Haskell BoF (Joachim Breitner)


Am Mittwoch, den 24.06.2015, 23:56 +0200 schrieb Maximiliano Curia:
> In DebConf15, the largest BoF room will have space for a maximum of 45 people 
> (and will have video coverage) and there will be a number of other smaller 
> rooms with space for 15 to 20 people, without video coverage.
> We have quite a number of BoF proposals, and only a few of them will get video 
> coverage, which is of course a hard decision to take, as not all of the 
> currently submitted BoFs will get video coverage.
> For all these reasons we ask you to consider the following options:
>  - Will your BoF be mostly for the people present in the room, and thus does
>    not require video coverage? If so, please make sure that the "video
>    recording" box is not ticked.
>  - Would it make sense to split it into two sections, one that can be streamed
>    and one that can be just in-person? If so, you could submit a second event,
>    or add a comment in the already existing one to let us know.
> Whatever you decide to do, please also tell us by replying to this email.

I think the Haskell BoF can do without Video Coverage (although it is
always nice to have, and last year allowed one contributor to attend
remotely). Also, I don’t expect more than 15 people to attend.


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