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Bug#789365: transition: ghc-7.8

Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
Usertags: transition

Hash: SHA1

Dear release team,

we (the Debian Haskell Group) has been working hard to get everything in
order for GHC 7.8 to migrate to testing (and top open the way for 7.10
in unstable :-)). We have had regular status reports on the haskell
mailing list. Now we are getting close enough for the migration to
happen that I believe we should include you in status updates and
notifications, and also because you can probably help.

Please CC debian-haskell@lists.debian.org in mails to this bug, to keep
everyone up-to-date.

- From what I can tell, there are these blockers:

 * Packages in NEW

Mostly gitit, which has an added binary file:

The other two haskell packages in NEW do not seem to be testing
relevant, so this is looking good.

 * Package removals

There are a large number of Haskell package removales scheduled for
unstable, but most of them are stalled, as there are still old binaries
and sources depending on these packages. This is mostly due to sparc not
keeping up, which is mostly due to nettle not building there:

I’m not sure what to best do here. Since sparc is not a release
architecture, this should not hold up the release, but technically it
does. Maybe the removals can be added as hints to britney? Will that
interact properly with the auto-hinter?

 * leksah

Despite multiple calls on the mailing list, no contributor was willing
and able to fix that package in reasonable time. I suggest you remove
haskell-leksah and haskell-leksah-server from testing (on the grounds
that the maintenance situation makes it not suitable for a Debian stable
release). This should unblock this situation.

 * shake not building on powerpc

This is a weird issue:
As this is an almost leave package, I suggest to remove haskell-shake
and haskell-hoogle on powerpc for now, and hence disentangle this
problem from the transition.

I’m still looking for volunteers to investigate this issue.

 * Other out of date packages, mostly mips and mipsel

I keep watching https://release.debian.org/transitions/html/haskell.html
and I believe most problems are solved there. When today's upload and
binNMUs have built everywhere there might be a package or two which no
longer build on mips/mipsel (due to lack of TemplateHaskell support) and
can be solved by a removal on these architectures.

 * Some packages need to age

As usual.

Is there a way for you, or better, me, to see if this list is
exhaustive? Some kind of „what if when“ britney run where I can feed
some removals and age-override hints and see what the
auto-hinter+britney does?


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