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Re: Best VCS layout for our packages?

Joachim Breitner a écrit :
  C. One big repo, haskell-foo’s debian/ files in haskell-foo/debian/
But there are also disadvantages:
       * Slightly unusual, so needs explanation.
       * It is not possible to check out just one package. But maybe
         that is a good thing, for such a tightly coupled package set.
       * Some tools might need to be extended to support that well. For
         example debcheckout would need to support a "subdirectory"
         parameter in the url specified in Vcs-Git, similar to the
         branch parameter.
       * Tags needs to be qualified by the package name ("haskell
         -foo/1.0-1" instead of "1.0-1"). This would need support in
         debcommit, similar to how gbp supports --git-debian-tag which
         can be set to "%(pkg)/%(version)".

It seems that some teams rely on mr/myrepos to manage individual packages (with standalone git repositories) within a single "meta" repository which only includes the mrconfig. E.g.:


Wouldn't this help to circumvent these issues?

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