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Re: Bug#763078: confirmed llvm change broke ghc

Here's some debian/rules hacks to fix this.
This forces use of llvm-3.4 for building ghc, as well as
modifying the wrapper scripts to force use of that version at runtime.

The control file also needs to be changed to depend on llvm-3.4, rather
than llvm.

Note that just uploading ghc with this patch should suffice; there's no
need for manual building on arm.

Since this bug could be resuting in bad builds of haskell libraries/binaries
on arm, I am going to try to make a ghc release as soon as I can figure out
enough darcs to do so.

ifneq (,$(findstring $(DEB_HOST_ARCH), armel armhf))
# Force use of a specific llvm package, the same version that ghc
# depends (and build-depends) on.
export PATH:=$(LLVM_PATH):$(PATH)

ifneq (,$(findstring $(DEB_HOST_ARCH), armel armhf))
	# Ensure that the same llvm used to build ghc is used at runtime.
	sed -i "s,exec ,PATH=\"$(LLVM_PATH):\$$PATH\"\nexport PATH\nexec ," debian/tmp/usr/lib/ghc/bin/ghc-$(ProjectVersion) debian/tmp/usr/lib/ghc/bin/ghc-pkg-$(ProjectVersion) debian/tmp/usr/lib/ghc/bin/ghci-$(ProjectVersion) debian/tmp/usr/lib/ghc/bin/runghc-$(ProjectVersion) debian/tmp/usr/lib/ghc/bin/hsc2hs debian/tmp/usr/lib/ghc/bin/haddock-ghc-$(ProjectVersion)

see shy jo

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